You can see them on the streets on their fast motorcycles, wrapped in leather suits, protected with protectors on their backs, elbows, knees, the helmet with a darkened visor on.

You can find them just as on remote tracks where they show their skills with their enduros on rough terrain.

The appeal of motorcyclists and motorcycle clothing is undeniable: the protectors, the suit, the helmet.

We offer motorcyclists and guys with bikersuit fetish several opportunities to live out: In the summer months, our biker tour takes place, where you can participate yourself (or by arrangement as a pillion rider) and ride in a group through the countryside surrounding Dresden. At the Leder & Uniform everyone is welcome who wants to spend an evening in their leather suit. And last but not least, there is the All Fetish Night, where you can spend the evening without a motorcycle, but with as much protective gear as you like.