… borderless

Fetishes and preferences for special clothes, materials or sex practices are as diverse as the people. There are fetishes that occur relatively regularly, for example, leather fetish, pup play or foot fetish and those that occur only very rarely, for example, when someone feels sexual excitement watching others eat apples. In our section “Fetish is…” we can show only a small part.

We support the national campaign Fetisch ist grenzenlos of the Leather & Fetish Community, because it also shows how different fetishes can be.

With our club we want to offer a local contact point for all those who are looking for a safe space to live out their fetishes – or just a contact person. Interested parties are welcome to contact us via email or Facebook message – or even better: talk to us in person at our club location BUNKER. We can always be found there on weekends.

Saturday we usually put under a certain motto, so that people with exactly this fetish can better get in touch. Fridays is the day when you can get to know us and our bar. On this day fetishes of all kinds and also the “normal guy” are welcome. In addition, we offer the All Fetish Night, to which we gladly welcome all those who want to live out their fetish, but for which we do not offer a special theme evening.