Shaved head, bomber jacket, bleached pants, high jump boots and a baseball bat in hand – clearly that is the image of a skinhead. But in the gay scene, this appearance often has nothing at all to do with political views, but is a sexual fetish.

Historically, the skinhead subculture has its origins in the UK of the 70s and 80s and is characterized by the very striking appearance, sense of community and musical taste, which then spilled over into continental Europe.

rubber skin outfit; photo: Christian Lorenz, Dresden

The fetish today is oriented to the rebellious time of origin – a striking appearance and rough, masculine tough. The classic skin outfit includes: short shaved or clean shaven head, jump boots, bleached pants, suspenders, polo shirt, bomber jacket.

It does not necessarily have to be the classic bleached jeans. Skin outfit is also available with other materials – for example, rubber.

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