Stylish clothing with a suit, tie, fancy shoes and pocket square – yes, this is also fetish. The good thing about it: just like sports clothes, you can wear a suit well in everyday life and no one would suspect that it is a fetish.

Suits convey professionalism. They paint an image of businessmen closing lucrative deals in their boardrooms. A suit accentuates a man’s natural shape and gives an idea of what to expect underneath.

Similar to other fetishes, here the emphasis is on quality and appearance. Guys who have this fetish, not infrequently invest in tailored suits, which are purchased specifically to live out this kink. One meets silk ties, tied in the double Windsor knot and of course, the matching accessories such as pocket squares, suspenders, and watches are also paid attention to.

Occasionally you’ll meet guys who don’t go with the latest fashions but prefer an old-fashioned style: tweed, three-piece pinstripe suits and watch chains.

For guys with this fetish we offer the party Business meets Workwear, which runs irregularly, but also to the All Fetish Night guys who find business clothes good are welcome.