Within a street worker project of the AIDS-Hilfe Dresden e.V. the social worker Torsten R. organized meetings for health education in the Dresden fetish scene for the first time. He succeeded in holding these meetings in the rooms of the AIDS-Hilfe in the Haus der Jugend (Wiener Str. 41), thus ensuring regular contact and exchange.


From the loose meetings firm structures developed which led to a first written draft of a club statute, at first however as “LSMC Dresden – Leder/Sadomaso-Club Dresden”. In June 1994, with the move of AIDS-Hilfe Dresden to the building on Florian-Geyer-Str., the “LederClub Dresden” for gay, lesbian and bisexual people was officially founded as an independent group.


The regular meetings on weekends in the basement of the AH Dresden in Florian-Geyer-Str., which was an old civil defense facility (bunker), were very well received. It was decided to separate the previous group from the AIDS-Hilfe and to found an own association.

04.09.1996 – Founding meeting in the AIDS-Hilfe Dresden and first constitution of the new “Lederclub Dresden e.V.” with 15 members.


The regular meetings reached a growing audience outside the fetish scene. Despite intensive efforts of the LCD board and AIDS-Hilfe Dresden, however, it was not possible to obtain an independent lease agreement with the city of Dresden for the basement rooms. After several unsuccessful attempts to find a substitute domicile, the rooms of an old butcher’s shop on Prießnitzstraße 51 were found.


After some negotiations and necessary alterations, the premises in Prießnitzstraße could finally be occupied in July 1998. The new clubhouse got the name “BUNKER” in memory of the meetings of the previous years.


The darkroom in the basement is finished! Therefore new flyers were created. Beside the club activities in the BUNKER also annual excursions and cultural visits took place. This year for example to Geising.


In June 2000 it was called “Hot Attack” for the first time in Coswig. On the outskirts of the city tents were set up and a campfire was lit. Cruising, beer and more… here times outdoor.

Due to the great success of the club events, the members decided in October to turn the BUNKER, which had previously been run purely as a club pub, into a club-run special-purpose operation with independent accounting. In December the “First Dresden Rubber Event” took place in the BUNKER with more than 60 guests from near and far.


The club now has over 40 members. Also in the Bunker there were some new events, beside the new Rubberevent a special S/M-Party and a Gay-Skin-Theme-Evening “MOI!TEREI” was introduced and for the first time in October a “Naked-Night” (spelling mistake was so wanted). The latter has enjoyed steady popularity over the other two new themes ever since.


In cooperation with AIDS-Hilfe Leipzig e.V. the “Safe Night” took place for the first time in Dresden in February. The club sauna “Man’s Paradise” and Gundis Erotik-Paradies supported this preventive event with free tickets and raffle prizes. New events such as the Uniform Party were also introduced.

In August the flood came over night and also the BUNKER was under water.


After there had been little news in the years before, but more and more rumors about a sale of the pub, a new board was able to continue the association’s work more successfully. In the future, the pub and the association are firmly connected by the new statutes. From now on, however, BUNKER and the club will be presented on separate pages on the Internet in order to reach a targeted audience for the club and to provide more information about the club.

With the introduction of the Bärenparty, first in Coswig as Bärentreff and later in BUNKER, a new target group was reached.


In the meantime the BUNKER exists 10 years in the Prießnitzstraße. Since this year the move into Prießnitzstraße 51 is celebrated every year with an event or another additional event.


In January the “Sneakers” party celebrated its premiere at BUNKER. For the first time a truck is organized and decorated for the participation at the CSD Dresden. This was repeated again the following year for the association’s anniversary.


Highlight of the year was the big celebration “20 years BUNKER” from July 15 – 17 with parties on three evenings in the bunker, common city tour on Saturday and brunch on Sunday morning.

In the fall, the first HIV and syphilis testing campaign took place in cooperation with the health department of the state capital Dresden and the AIDS-Hilfe Dresden. According to the motto “Know your status!” this test campaign is since then a fixed part of the annual schedule and invites anonymously twice a year to the test in the BUNKER.


The Lederclub Dresden e.V. now has almost 60 members.


In August: Closing event of the ECMC-Bikerun 2013 in the Brauhaus am Waldschlösschen. Organizer were Biker ohne Grenzen (BOG) Berlin in cooperation with the LCD Dresden e.V.


The first BDSM fetish weekend 2015 “Kink in Pink” in cooperation with RosaLinde e.V. is held and continued in the following years until 2018.


Meanwhile, a renovation of the BUNKER rooms, including new flooring, partitions and decorations was necessary. In addition, the Internet presence was completely revised and the online activities in the new social media were strengthened. The BUNKER also got its new and still current logo.

In June, to celebrate “25 years of BUNKER”, there was a party with free beer and a club excursion with a steamboat trip on the Elbe to which members and guests were invited. In addition, monthly joint excursions, for example: curling at the White Deer, brewery excursion, cinema on the banks of the Elbe and Christmas market visit.


After long negotiations with the city of Dresden, this year finally succeeded in the new exterior design of the shutters with their own Furry motifs.


At the general meeting, it was decided to rename the club “Leather and Fetish Club Dresden”. The education and assistance for self-discovery for men in the whole fetish scene is to be placed with the name change in the future more in the focus of the association. A new club logo was also developed.

After a photo shoot of club members and guests, new promotional materials could also be created. These were distributed together with current title holders at the CSD and drew the attention of many to the new different fetish themes and parties in the BUNKER. The “All Fetish Night”, which was held for the first time in November, was also very well received.

To strengthen the cooperation with other fetish clubs, the LFCD joins the umbrella organization of German-speaking gay fetish clubs – Leather & Fetish Community e.V..


The first time of the corona pandemic was used to do further renovations and redesigns in the BUNKER. Furthermore, the information and flyer offer was expanded and a hygienic shower was additionally installed, as well as some technical equipment was renewed.


The newest party themes “Puppys & Fiends” as well as “Sneaks & Prolls” will be introduced to attract new and younger people to the club.


Despite a two-year pandemic break, the club has now grown to over 90 members. With numerous new event themes and the old tried and tested parties, more than 120 events take place in the BUNKER again this year.