Dresden Pride 2022

Where the tourists board the ships of the White Fleet, the street party took place this year and there was also the start and finish of the 10 kilometer demo route through Dresden. Fetish and puppies are part of the pride – we showed that again this year.

But from the beginning… Already on early Friday morning we started with the construction of our stand – with a tent three times as big as last year we wanted to be there at the beginning of the street festival and welcome interested people in and in front of our pavilion. Posters, flyers and information material showed what our association is all about, but that was not all. Quite interactively we came into the conversation: We had ropes with us to give interested people a small individual introduction to bondage and there was a ball pool for the pet players.

The day could then be ended in our club bar, the BUNKER, in a fantastic atmosphere at our Pride Warmup Party.

For most of of us, Saturday started comparatively early, because 12 o’clock was the starting time of the demonstration. In the last two years, the demonstration could only be carried out as a star march, now all of us were on the road again on the whole route: almost 10 kilometers, 4 hours, 18 trucks or foot groups and many thousands of people who demonstrated together with us.

Starting at the Terrassenufer we went in a big round through Altstadt and Neustadt back to the street festival. Our foot group had been assigned one of the middle starting positions and with a colorful mixture of leather, rubber, neoprene, hiviz, puppy, sportswear and even some furries we were there. Thanks go to our club members and our guests from all over Germany who supported us here.

We continued at the street festival, where we used thematically appropriate givaways to draw interested parties’ attention to our association, our topics and our bar. After a long day, when our stand was dismantled around 8 pm, the party continued for all the party animals at the street festival. For those who wanted to relax a bit, there was the beach party at BUNKER.

In summary: It was a fantastic weekend. We experienced a lot, saw many friends from near and far again, made new contacts and had many interesting conversations. Thanks to all who participated and supported us so much.