Information on MPX (monkey pox)

Unfortunately, the MPX virus, colloquially known as “monkey pox”, is spreading worldwide. Therefore, we would like to give you a first overview about it as well as draw your attention to further offers.

What are the ways of transmission?

  • close physical contact with infected persons, especially unprotected sexual contact of any kind
  • contact with skin lesions
  • sharing of objects (sex toys, clothing, etc.)
  • probably also sperm
  • condoms reduce the risk, but do not provide complete protection

What are the typical symptoms?

  • rash, often first in the genital, anal or oral area, then on other parts of the body (example pictures)
  • fever
  • headache, muscle and back pain
  • swollen lymph nodes

What to do in case of symptoms and suspected cases?

  • get a medical examination as soon as possible
  • avoid physical contact with others
  • cover lesions and wear mask when in contact with others
  • avoid public transportation
  • avoid contact with pets
  • follow standard hygiene/cleaning measures consistently

All of these measures apply until lesions have healed and crusts have fallen off. If necessary, symptoms (e.g., pain) can be treated. For severe courses, the drug Tecovirimat has been approved since January 2022.

Finally, we would like to endorse a statement from “Consider what are suitable protective measures for you personally. This is a decision that everyone must and may make for themselves!”

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