Our anniversary weekend

30 years of BUNKER and 25 years of leather (and fetish) club Dresden – that had to be celebrated. Never before there was a whole fetish weekend in our city.


Friday evening offered all guests the opportunity to get to know our club pub, the BUNKER. The heat of the day had not yet dissipated and so first the sidewalk in front of the bar was filled. As the hour advanced, the hustle and bustle then moved inside to our bar and the cruising area.

Sightseeing tour

Saturday began quite relaxed with a city tour. Start was at the BUNKER and then it went through the new town of Dresden and the historical part of the city with a detour to Pillnitz castle. The stops in between in the old town and Pillnitz offered the opportunity to leave the bus and explore the sights.

Party in Arteum

The highlight of the weekend was our evening event at the Arteum. Our barbecue during the meet & greet on the forecourt of the Arteum provided a good basis.

At 9 pm the doors of the club, which consists of 4 sandstone barrel vaults, opened. So we could realize different areas. In the checkroom area, those interested could take a closer look at the history of our club. A large bar area and a dance floor, where three DJs played throughout the evening, invited people to get moving. Speaking of movement: Of course, we had also built a large cruising area.

In addition, there were two extras that were not announced in advance: Those who wanted could have a souvenir photo taken by our party photographer. And as a big surprise, Dshini Ignis performed several fire shows in the club around midnight.


Those who celebrate a lot also need to fortify themselves, and so a brunch on the banks of the Elbe on Sunday morning invited people to start the day in a relaxed way with a view of the Rosengarten, the Elbe and good-looking passers-by.

Those who wanted to could then pop the corks again on Sunday evening in the BUNKER.

Thank you

We are happy that so many from all over Germany and Europe visited us and made the weekend a success and that we could show that in Dresden fetish has a home. At the same time we would like to thank the representatives of the fetish clubs and all well-wishers. We are still happy about the nice presents. Of course we don’t want to withhold a few pictures from the weekend. We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon – either at our BUNKER or at the next big fetish event.